Welcome in the Reed Library

Am 11. Dezember 2019 beschrieb mir Amanda M. Shepp (Coordinator of Special Collections and Archives; Senior Assistant Librarian at Daniel A. Reed Library) das überaus freundliche Willkommen der Schachnovelle in Fredonia. Ich muss gestehen, da ging mir als Reiseinitiator, das Herz auf. Meine Schachnovelle ist an dem richtigen Ort angekommen.

Auszüge aus Amandas E-Mail:

Dear Rudolf,
I would like to thank you so much for planning to have the Travelling Schachnovelle end up at the Daniel A. Reed Library Special Collections & Archives Division here at SUNY Fredonia!  This is a very interesting project, and I am very much enjoying the process of cataloging and accounting for everything that arrived with the books.  I’m happy to report that two classes have visited the archives since its arrival, and many students have a new interest in Zweig and his literature due to the unique nature of your traveling book project.  There have been many faculty who are also interested in the Travelling Schachnovelle, and I am planning an exhibit built around pieces of our Zweig collection, as well as this project, to be on display here in the library during the next semester. 
I also plan to use this written entry to revive the Zweig at Fredonia blog here, as I have not yet had many opportunities to update the blog with news regarding the Zweig collection. 
I have, however, been able to take time to stage some really fun
photos of the Schachnovelle’s arrival, and I have attached them to this email.  My student workers were more than thrilled about this photo opportunity, and even made a small „Welcome Home“ banner with sticky notes.  For the record, the photos were taken with the Travelling volume amongst other Zweig books in the collection, the archival boxes for Zweig collection materials (correspondence and manuscripts), and among the books in the Hans P. Kraus Collection, which includes many works written by correspondents and acquaintances of Zweig during the Interwar period.  
Also included is the paperwork for donations to Special Collections — as you are the originator of this project and this volume, I feel that you are the best person to accurately describe this donation and also to have this donation attributed to.  ….
I am happy to stay in contact with you and hope that you can one day come to Fredonia and visit the Schachnovelle in its new home.  I also feel that Zweig would have been pleased with this project, as it truly does honour his legacy and creativity.
Please let me know if there is anything further that I can assist you with, and I will definitely have something more complete written and submitted to you as soon as possible.  I hope that you are having a wonderful day, and I look forward to keeping in touch.
Best Regards,
Amanda M. Shepp, MLS

Die Bilder sprechen für sich:

Thank you very much, Mandi, and to your team at Reed Library! I am very happy and overwhelmed !


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