Details zur »Ost-Route« der Schachnovelle

Heute erhielt ich von Dan Richards noch mehr Informationen zu der zurückgelegten Reiseroute Bath – Sydney. Insbesondere in Japan unternahm er eine längere Rundtour an abgelegene Orte; alles in Vorbereitung für sein Buch »Außenposten«.

Doch lassen wir ihn selbst zu Wort kommen:

2018-04-25 3:15 GMT+02:00

Dear Rudolf,

The book has travelled from Bath to London Heathrow, then out to Japan on a flight to Tokyo, then another flight to Hiroshima, then up to Hamada, then along the northern coast by bus and train and around the Izumo province (where I was researching Kagura theatre, Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines for my Outpost book.)

The Sanbutsu-ji Temple on Mt.Mitoku was particularly spectacular — photograph below.


Then I flew back to Tokyo from Yonago, then on to Sydney, Australia where I currently sit writing this to you at 11 o’clock in the morning on Anzac Day..

The receipt and tracking number for the book is below.

I bought and read the book in English, yes — — a beautiful edition by Pushkin Press. And I wrote some notes and personal reflections at the very back.

It has been a great pleasure to be involved.

I shall write you a blog post as soon as I am back in the UK, of course.

All Best Wishes to you from Australia!


Ich bin jetzt schon gespannt auf seinen Blog Post – Beitrag.


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